Case Study: Tesla’s Australian Launch Event

TESLA_240The Star Event Centre was selected by Tesla as the venue partner for their Australian debut at a launch event for 530 guests.

To maximise exposure of the vehicles for all guests, nine vehicles were brought into the Event Centre; five cars were installed at the back of the Event Centre, one car on a podium in the middle of the flat floor, three cars on the stage and one car in the foyer. This was the largest number of cars to ever be brought into the Event Centre.

The relationship between Tesla and The Star commenced in May 2014 when The Star was the official venue for the nation’s first Tesla test drives. The entertainment complex’s underground car park also hosts 5 Tesla supercharging stations.

The Star’s team worked to ensure the pivotal event in the carmakers history ran as seamlessly as Tesla’s pioneering vehicles. Given the tight time constraints, it was imperative that all stakeholders were brought together through active communication channels in order to bring this event to life.

The gala launch event saw the first nine Model S electric vehicles delivered to the company’s signature customers – the first Australian consumers to receive the impressive cars. Prior to the official launch, guests were treated to canapés and drinks on Sky Terrace before being taken into the Event Centre for the grand unveiling.

The sheer number of vehicles required in the space presented an interesting challenge for The Star team. Flatbed tilt trays and trucks brought the cars to the Event Centre, they were then driven off the trucks, into the enormous lift and brought up to the Event Centre’s stage. The cars were then driven into position on the flat floor via a custom built ramp.

Custom circular drapes were used to reveal the cars atop the podiums, with Sneaky Sound System having the top honour of pulling back the curtain and launching the brand’s arrival in Australia.

“Thank you and the team for all your hard work and support on this event. We could not have done it without you.” – Vanessa Ronan-Pearce, Producer, George P. Johnson

“The client was super happy and the venue looked amazing. Appreciate all your help with it all.” – Ben Creasey, Project Director, George P. Johnson Experience Marketing

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